Cotton is one of the crop plants that has been cultivated since ancient times. It originated in Asia and grows in hot climates. Today, it is cultivated in 69 countries and is famous for its high economic value with its fiber, oil obtained from its seeds, and other by-products. Without a doubt, Turkish cotton ranks among the top three due to its premium quality.

In this guide, we will briefly talk about the characteristics of Turkish cotton. It is widely preferred due to its natural and quality fiber, capable of sweat absorption in textile, and high durability compared to other fibers when heated or boiled.

Turkish Cotton is a Soft Alternative

Turkish cotton is generally characterized by its softness and is often preferred in the textile industry. With the rapidly increasing world population Increasing need for textile and everyday products, has increased the consumption and need for cotton.

According to recent studies, cotton fiber dominates the market with a 49% share compared to other fiber types. In the last three decades, the total cotton consumption of the world has increased by more than fifty percent and reached about 19 million tons.

Undoubtedly its ergonomic and soft texture is one of the leading reasons why cotton is this popular in the world. However, its advantages are not limited to this too.

Turkish Cotton Can Dry Quickly

One of the prominent features of cotton is it dries quickly. We have already mentioned that it is a great sweat absorbent. All materials made of cotton are ideal for hot summer days. This is why they are mainly used in the production of beach or pool towels. Turkish cotton has great fame in this regard.

Most of the cultivated Turkish cotton is generally used in the production of towels, waistcloths, or scarves. You can rely on these products to dry quickly under any circumstances. The fact that cotton fibers are made of pure cellulose makes them absorb all kinds of liquids quickly.

Turkish Cotton Attracts Attention with Its Compact Texture

Turkish cotton is also characterized by its compact texture. It is one of the most preferred types of cotton to be used in the textile industry due to its compact texture. Products produced with these kinds of cotton tend to have a longer lifespan, dry quicker than other types, and feel softer.

You can also prefer products made of Turkish cotton to benefit from all these advantages. Without a doubt, they can contribute to your overall satisfaction rates with your products. However, it will be worth noting that products made of cotton should not be washed in high temperatures since they can shrink.

Turkish Cotton Can Repel Sand to Provide Maximum Comfort

In general, Turkish cotton is preferred in beach textile since it can effectively repel sand even when they are wet. Sand is one of the annoying elements that disturb people, especially when they freshly get out of the sea.

If you are often annoyed by the sand that sticks to your beach towels or your body while you are wet, you can minimize this by preferring goods made of Turkish cotton. You will be surprised how quickly you can get rid of sand with these products.

All our products are made of premium quality Turkish cotton to offer you the best quality services. If you would like to get detailed information, you can visit our store or contact us whenever you want. We will be happy to assist you.